Sunday, February 28, 2010

and invited all his international art pals to make art in the desert

The night here seems solid, as if it was made out of matte metal. The only sounds coming through are the wind whipping the corners and daddy's soft snoring from the other room.

Once again I left the country. Just because. But only for a few hours this time. We crossed into Mexico via Presidio. And we did indeed have some tacos. They gave me a bellyache. But there was no touching and no I love yous.

Instead there was a sullen man, trying to paste smiles onto his ragged face. Trying, but not succeeding, not to whine about his (lack of) love-life.

Do you fucking hear me complain? Do you know how long it's been? Soon I'll start doing the online dating thing.

We are in Marfa, Texa, staying at the Thunderbird

We did this art tour in the desert, like pilgrims. Famed, and deceased artist Donald Judd moved here in the 70's and invited all his international art pals to make art in the desert.
This whole place is pretty surreal, you should go sometime. Here you are in the middle of absolutely nowhere, you have been driving through a dirty desert for hours without even seeing a gas station, and suddenly you stop and walk into a coffee shop and you think you are in Paris or New York, because it's filled with good-looking people, dressed all in black, and rocking funky glasses that frame their intellectual eyes like an exclamation mark. Here they sit, sipping soy lattes while leafing through the latest edition of some obscure art journal.

p.s my photos.


  1. I´ts been way 2 long kim. Meet up be4 party or wait?:)

    Love sarah.

  2. this place sounds amazing. i love mexico. i'm moving to mexico soon.
    i'm also really digging on your pics.


  3. nothing is ever what you expect it will be, yet amazing things always crop up in the most unlikely of places, n'est-ce pas? i think the trick is letting go of one and reorienting to the other in a matter of seconds. it's a hard thing to do. the heart is not always so flexible.

    also, i am insanely jealous. donald judd, oh my. how can straight lines and boxes make you feel so much and so intensely?

    xx x

  4. That's awesome, public art rocks and should be encouraged.

  5. that place looks, and sounds beautiful. things aren't always what they seem. and, nomatter how much you prepare yourself, it will still suprise you.

  6. i've been wanting to go to marfa for a long time, i have a friend that lives there and i'd like to visit.
    its supposed to be so beautiful,
    and she's beautiful.
    beautiful things are good.

  7. I definitely must go. I have come to appreciate art very much lately. Sorry it didn't go perfect with your dad. Does anything ever go perfect? At least you got to see some good art.

    Much love,

  8. That's really cool. I think some of the most interesting places are hidden in the middle of nowhere.

  9. This is really rad. I love your blog :)


You Rock. I am certain of it.