Friday, February 26, 2010

and we'll laugh and eat burritos and i'll lean my head on his shoulder

i can't sleep. and we haven't gone anywhere yet either. the surprise has not yet materialized itself. and i am not entirely unhappy about it.
but i don't feel happy. and i think that is my natural state.

there's drama among my friends. i didn't get this other internship i applied for.
daddy and I misunderstand each other. we accuse, talk in circles, shovel shit around. this afternoon we'll go. we'll drive into the desert in his jeep, and we'll find that unbreakable bond, constructed out of blood and time. and we'll laugh and eat burritos and i'll lean my head on his shoulder. and he will tell me he loves me more than anything. and all the stars will come out and sprinkle the black desert sky with fool's gold and a lonesome coyote will howl in the distance.

and all the pieces will fall in place and i will no longer fear the black holes gaping at the outskirts of the milky way.


  1. AAHH your writing makes me shudder. in a i-wish-i-had-written-that way.

    also, i live primarily in the future tense too. do you think it actually gets us anywhere?

    xx x

  2. Today is what happens when you plan for the future, I think.

  3. i find myself wondering what happiness feels like. i used to know....maybe 12 years ago? wow.

    i wish you didn't have to deal with so much drama, do you think the writer in you is attracted to it? mwah!


  4. Wow, your writing is amazing!

    eugh I hate drama!

    xx scarzz

  5. very, very captivating as always, Kim! your blog is really refreshing, and your writing style is magic! the second paragraph is very well-written, and i love the way you described the desert.

    i hate drama in friendships, too, although i must admit, it's hard to resist sometimes. ;)

  6. thanks for leaving a comment on my blog and sure, i'd love to trade links with u :)

    great writing!

  7. I always wanted to travel in space and get as close as I could to the black holes within and beyond the milky way.

  8. i ve just discovered ur blog
    very refreshing!

  9. i love ur writing and love the all pics ! so stunning !!
    thank you for ur lovely comment in my blog :)
    have a nice day darling..
yudia aiiu

  10. so speaking of db/kg i got my first hater post yesterday. they were trying to figure out if i was a man or a woman, i guess the mini dress didn't give it away.

  11. How much I wish life were that perfect. That all bonds could just be made and fixed in a heartbeat. Beautiful darling.

    Much love,


You Rock. I am certain of it.