Thursday, February 4, 2010

Dear fellow Cyberspace dwellers,

 I hope your night is velvet-y and starlit, or, if you inhabit another part of this planet, that your day is filled with sun and maybe little cotton-candy clouds that sail by softly.

I am feeling strangely at ease. Although I have no reason to.

Tonight I am taking a break from blogging to pass a couple of awards along. It is the award-season after all.

First, sweet Sophia over at A poet's Circus awarded me with The Happy Award. I am now supposed to list ten things that make me happy; Music (right now: Fever Ray, Joanna Newsom & The XX), Mullholland Drive (both the movie and the street), LES QUEUES DE SARDINES, El Caminos, driving long distances, popcorn, friends, infatuation (but it makes me miserable too), coffee, cotton-candy.

I pass this Happy Award to:

1. Danica at A sight to be Seen: Her blog is the cutest sweetest thing ever.
2. Jefferson at I got the letter: because he's paying tribute to something we've almost forgotten about.
3. Courtney at Souljane because I love her pix and her style.

Second, amazing Eva who writes the darkly gorgeous Screaming Whispers awarded me with the Honest Scrap and in accordance with this honor I will tell you ten things about myself (and I hope I won't bore you to tears).

I am rarely of use. I like girls (but you knew that already). I've never had an eating disorder, but I do fear flying. I laugh at the basest things. I often go to bars by myself (Mainly The Red Lion, come find me there!). I am anal about flossing. I change hair color frequently. I am scared of the dark. I dream about bygone eras. 

I pass the Honest Scrap thing along to:
1. Signe at Just Another Fucking Blog because girlfriend is raw.
2. Anise at Sometimes I am made of Light because it's beautiful and powerful
3. Miri at California Noir because this girl's got it.


Painting by Gerhard Richter


  1. as you know, i admire your writing greatly. as a writer, i try to find inspiration every day. humans are disappointing, man.

    you must know that you blog has reinstalled this passion and love i have for all things typed/written/inked etc.

    i heart you.

  2. sweet. i love learning tidbits about bloggers, especially writers. you're such a mysterious bunch. (=;
    at least now i know where to find you!

    hey i wanted to also ask you if you have read 'your name written on water'. i think you would really like it if you haven't.
    anyway enough stalking for tonite.


  3. thank you !! i am stunned and honoured. your blog means just as much to me, and your words are far more beautiful.

    "I've never had an eating disorder, but I do fear flying."

    this line is really fascinating to me. i want to know more because there's something more there. writing is always about what's not written, non?

    Red Lion has THE BEST sausages. been a long time since i ate them but love love love. :D

    xx x

  4. agreed. they wear the shit out of the hendrix tee. i now wish i'd bought one for every size until i'm no longer dressing them.

    congrats on your awards-- and thanks for introducing some new sites. i'm loving souljane, thanks.

    it's refreshing to read something other than shitty mommyblogs-- not that all are shitty-- some are the very best that a blog has to offer-- but most are just shitty.

    oh, and you are so right, i do rock.

  5. You deserve it, and I have to say I am loving that you said my blog was darkly gorgeous. How do you come up with such wonderful words to describe things?

    It was good to learn a little about you. We have some things in common. I'm scared to death of flying and I think I'll change my hair color again this weekend. Thinking of going black again. We'll see. Anyway, I love your blog. It rocks!

  6. Ah, Joanna Newsom. She's about to come out with something new, I think. True Beauty.

  7. congratulations for those awards, kim! so well-deserved!
    oh btw, i have sent you an email regarding the feature in my blog to larctica@
    have a nice day! :)

  8. you listen to good music huh? nice blog. catch you soon


You Rock. I am certain of it.