Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Triology completed

She could barely make out its sagging contours, but it was a shed. His hand, that previously had been moist, had begun to feel like ice. The hold was beginning to chafe her skin.

We have arrived, he said but wasn't smiling.

She wondered about her cousin, if she was waiting for her. Maybe eating a corn dog or some stale popcorn. They had planned to go to a movie.

What are we doing here? She said and tried to find that flirtatious smile in her files. But it merely hiked the corners of her mouth up. No sparkles reached her eyes. Something wasn't right, she could feel it.

A moon sliver had appeared in the sky. It glared down upon them coldly and she could see that there was dirt under the boy's finger nails.

Don't play dumb, he said.

And that made her feel dumb. And suddenly every bone in her body knew what was going to happen.

She didn't resist when he pushed her down onto an old mattress inside the musty-smelling shed. Even though she was silent, he placed his palm over her lips. Perhaps he wanted to be ready to catch the screams he expected. His palm was sweaty again.

He lifted her dress, the flimsy cotton one that had made her feel so pretty just a couple of hours ago. He pulled down her panties and spread her thighs. She tried to think about technicolor cotton candy and Ferris Wheel rides. So she wouldn't feel him trashing inside her. His face was contorted. It looked like he was in pain. She didn't understand why he was hurting both of them.

But she tried to think about all the little things that made her happy; well-tended flower beds, juicy Sunday roasts, petting a cat.

The trashing wouldn't stop.

That's how my mother lost her virginity. I wonder how much it shaped the person she became?

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  1. Wow, you have such a cool blog, thanks for the comment and for following me, you're such a doll!


  2. speechless. good god i wish i could write like you, let alone write period.

    girl, you are cracking me up with the prohibition addition. i commented to your comment but i'm pretty sure that plan of attack is all in vain.


  3. Wow. That's terrible. But well written.

  4.'ve got talent. I went back and read the other parts of this btw. XD I hate jumping into a story at the end or middle without knowing the beginning.

  5. Heyy love! Thanks for the so cute comment!!! Really happy that you found me <3 I am following you 2
    I scrolled down your blog an I must say its reallyy cute! I will be reading :P
    Much loveee,

  6. I love the amazing photography in your blog, and your writing is incredible. Thanks for the comment and I'm happy you found me! I will be reading yours, keep checking mine.
    As for my list, you should think about keeping one of your own.

  7. quite a tale. for a child of your mind. this one should do you proud. nice details. ever thought of adding more to the tale. though i guess its the shock and awe factor that really gripped me in the end. you did convey it well. looking forward to your next work .. :)

  8. Thanks for sharing. Very sad, but you put it so beautifully, it's interesting.

  9. thanks for the comment dear!! ;)

  10. so beautiful..

    alright so now that i've checked your blog i can continue on with my day..

    much love.

  11. wow. So terribly sad, but so well written (just like everyone else said)!

  12. This was hard to read. "Catch the screams" That turned my gut. You amaze me!

  13. you have such a beautiful heart.

    IRL (which i embarrassingly had to google to find out what it meant) i am both more empty and less. more held together and less verbally articulate.

    friday night i will be bar-hopping in WeHo. come find me if you want. i will be the skinny one with red hair wearing a black dress with gold and a giant smile that may or may not hide the deadness in my eyes.

    i want to know your heart and why it is i break it.

    xx x

  14. holy hell, amazing
    very visual

  15. cool blog, thanks for stopping by mine & for following me. I am a follower of yours now and added you to my blogroll.

  16. you rock! did you write this?

  17. Oh my God. This story is amazing. This last part absolutely broke my heart. "She didn't resist when he pushed her down onto an old mattress inside the musty-smelling shed." THE saddest part.



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