Sunday, February 7, 2010

She felt a magnetic pull. And a throbbing

Instead he kissed her. There was no fireworks. But bombs going off. Big explosions in the distant and a faint, but unmistakable smell of dynamite. Imagined body parts getting torn into fragments.

She couldn't help but hold onto him. That close it was easy to forget cousins and uncles and the dull homework involving numbers that refused to do what they were supposed to do.

He said; let's go somewhere.

She felt a magnetic pull. And a throbbing.

He led her into the woods. It was getting dark fast. The sound of the people laughing and screaming on the rides was starting to fade out.

They walked until almost all the light was gone. His hand was like a mold on hers. But she did start wondering where they were going.

Almost, he said and turned around, but the shadows were so dark she couldn't see his face.


I brought my friend Signe to a party at Avy's house. It was fun until it wasn't.


  1. dang it!!! the story was getting good!!!! want more!!!!

  2. You left me hanging on that one. Something so simple and so powerful in this piece, I'm curious as to where it went from there. I love your work. I don't know what I'd do with myself if you stopped writing.

  3. kim, it was great to meet you. hope everything worked out.

  4. That was sooo good! Thanks for the comment on my blog like a month ago, I never knew it was there until today.
    I love your blog, very intriguing!

    Desire, x

  5. is it incomplete. is it gonna get continued.. looking forward to it. i liked the way you said that think about the party.. it was fun until it wasn't .. nice way to put it :)

  6. You have such an amazing way with words! I could read your blog all day!

  7. "it was fun until it wasn't"

    hey, lady, do me a favour and never stop writing.


  8. I was at the Red Lion this past weekend with the Husband and I admit to looking for pink Crocs more than once.

  9. Are we going to get a third part to this? I'm guessing it's continuing your last post... So good! Can't wait!


  10. love it
    fabulous and great inspiration
    thanks for sharing as always
    and thanks for the sweet comments, i appreciate it


  11. You are all too kind.

    And Ella, catch me next time at the Red Lion. It would have been a trip to meet you IRL. Don't wear the crocs too often. Look for Converse sneakers instead.

  12. Most things in life are fun til they aren't, lol..You are quite the wordsmith Miss Kim...Keep writing...Peace.

  13. Hey. I hope you don't mind me commenting out of the blue, but I found your blog via Dennis Cooper's. Just thought I'd drop a note saying that I've really been enjoying some of the writing on here. Looking forward to reading more. Take care. Thomas


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