Wednesday, February 24, 2010

I think maybe that's when I turned into a homo

Oh jet lag, the constant companion of a glamorous globetrotter like yours truly.

Maddy is in safe-keeping in Leeds, the armpit of the world, or at least the U.K. Her mother is a drama queen who spends most of her waking hours consuming services like manicures, facials and body scrubs. Nothing works though, the woman is chin-less and hideous. I hope poor Maddy won't age like her; gracelessly and undeniably. Her mother is probably filled with shadenfreude; rejoicing in her daughter's extra rolls of fat. She actually seems a bit like Avy's mother. Her father is a casanova with more mistresses than Tiger.

My own father is expected back at the Casa later this afternoon. He wants to take me on a trip so we can get to know each other. I guess it's about time as I have embarked on my 22nd year on planet earth. He wants to keep his plan a surprise.

I hate surprises, especially the planned ones. 

Like the birthday (was it my 11th?) when he invited a snake charmer to our house so I could overcome my fear of serpents? I think maybe that's when I turned into a homo.

So I have 102 followers now. Wow! I am pathetically in need of love, affirmation, followers and comments. I worship you all!

XXX, your lovable fuck-up Kim


  1. yes,ofcoz Indonesia is a beautiful country, at least u can visit Bali, the best place of Indonesia...hehe

    how come u have 7 saturdays in a week?

    love ur post Kim..even i just understand a little, bcoz my english is sucks...

  2. i'm pretty sure my brain is trying to eat me alive this time. zombie brain? i guess that would make it a cannibalistic zombie brain. i'm not sure any amount of money is going to suffice to corral that shit. nevertheless. but this time i am trying the official route instead of mind-numbing illegal substances. (hoping for mind-numbing legal substances? please?) although. if you want to come smoke me up in between your globetrotting adventures, i would not be opposed. or maybe i'll stow away in your suitcase and appear out of nowhere as you fly over the andes. but maybe that's not a good idea. this cannibal zombie brain thing might be contagious.

    xx x

  3. Lovely post.
    I hate suprises, especially when they are planned.
    It feels that much more fake.

  4. A snake charmer on your birthday? I wouldn't like that at all.

  5. Love your blog, you have some great photo's on here :P

    xx. A

  6. hahaha. "i think maybe that's when i turned homo." love!!

    so did you just have a birthday? if so happy fucking birthday!!


  7. Kim, you are so absolutely lovely. I love what you write. You're maybe 11th birthday was totally wack. Keep an open mind about the surprise... you could possibly enjoy it.

    Much love!

  8. you have a good sense of humour. reading a few of your ramblings made me giggle. thankyou.



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