Sunday, March 7, 2010

She came back once. As a brunette.

She came back once. As a brunette. She had a new man, but he waited in the car. Daddy's knuckles turned white, but his eyes couldn't help but sparkle with adoration. She was very thin again. We all went out onto the veranda. She didn't hug me, but she patted my head, and later held my hand. Her hands were cool and soft and I wished we'd magically become conjoined like that. She had presents. A Polaroid camera and a small gold chain with a heart.

Until about a year ago I wore that heart every day. And this is very strange because I tend to lose all jewelery all the time.

I asked her where she had been: Where have you been mommy? I said.

And she said: Oh honey, I've been working. A woman's got to work, you know.

I remember how daddy turned his face away but I still saw his eyes become flooded with tears, almost to the brim.

When she drove off again, with the mustached man by her side, I wondered why she had given me a heart when she didn't have one.


  1. Great punch line in last paragraph; guess that says it all >:)

  2. thank u so much 4 last night.

  3. kim,
    you make me cry. for sadness and for the arresting power and beauty in your words.

    and because your comment meant the world to me. someday i will explain why.

    xx x

  4. That last line was something else. Really hits you.

  5. you are, you write beautifully.
    the last line, I can understand.
    it's just, I don't know what to say.

  6. That really chokes me up, especially the end.

  7. Heart wrenching.


You Rock. I am certain of it.