Friday, April 9, 2010

the so-called feminist ones wearing sandals exposing yellow toenails curling around calloused toes in desperate need of a pedicure.

something anise wrote in my comment box made me think.

sometimes i get totally disgusted by men. the macho, homophobe assholes with tufts of monkey hair on their chubby shoulders. the so-called feminist ones wearing sandals exposing yellow toenails curling around calloused toes in desperate need of a pedicure. the hot ones who use girls to massage their inflated egos. the psychopath ones making decisions, in their roles as governors, college professors, bosses, that affect the world in an ugly way.

But more often I feel ashamed to be a woman, when there are so many women giving my gender a bad name. I am talking about women who let men walk all over them, and claim to actually like it. Women who get breast implants because they think they won't get a husband with small titties. Women who act stupid. Women who think that a fat diamond ring will solve all of their problems. Women who complain that their boyfriends treat them like shit, flirt with other girls right in front of them, never cook, never clean –– And then STILL not DUMP their lame fucking asses. In those cases I sympathize with the douchebag dude rather than the bimbo Barbie girl. It's a dog eat dog world.

I want women to be strong, to speak their mind. To kick ass. To lay down the law. To use men as sex toys. To be proud of that extra roll of fat. To not take shit. To kick their lame-ass BFs to the fucking curb.
This, of course, applies mostly to hetero women. Of course there are homo girls that suck too, in a myriad of ways (believe me, I am dealing with a sucky lesbian as I type this) but at least they don't tend to fucking crawl in the gutter for dudes. 

Shit, I got really worked up typing this. But really, today has been a perfect day.

Now I want to know what Y'all think?


  1. Fucking tell it. I'm with you all the way.

  2. Yes, agree with most of it.

    Personally, I think a chubby natural girl is a lot more sexy than the supermodels that look like the store window dolls at Marks&Spencer >:)

  3. never be ashamed to be a woman. insomuch as I'm caught between loathing and loving myself, it's important to be proud of who you are, and especially proud of the fact that you're female.

    the women who hold up those stereotypes are fine the way they are... the problem is the fact that everything else aside from the stereotypes is unacceptable.

    people will be careless, cruel, superficial, judgemental, ignorant... there's nothing to stop that. but we CAN change the limited scope of perception that's currently running our society: that men are supposed to be MEN, and women are supposed to be LADIES, that chivalry is a necessity, that having and enjoying sex before marriage is wrong and bad, that it's all about pleasing the men and one-upping the other women... not to mention the thousands of other misogynist acts happening every day, everywhere.

    I'm sorry this has turned into such a rant, but I hear ya, and I feel ya.

  4. ahh i was going to apologise for forgetting that your blog is more fiction than mine is but i take it back now for inspiring this awesome post. :D

    i completely agree and i think you said it all. there are some decent men out there but they seem to be few and far between and so many women give women a bad name and it sucks. but i guess we're all just people in the end, like how everyone's parents fucked them up to some degree, it's just how much and how damaged you are by it. personally i would rather deal with lesbian drama than guy drama any day of the week because i think it's a bit more tempered, a bit less disgusting and macho and there is not the testosteronal drive to prove something. and the straight girls who encourage them have their own self-(everything) problems that makes them that way, and it only feeds the cycle.

    maybe this is why i am mostly an asexual hermit. maybe this is why the world is too much for me sometimes. everything's fucked up somehow and it's a bit overwhelming and fuck i can't get various rilo kiley lyrics out of my head and i keep wanting to type them here. jenny lewis, i would fuck you in a second and a half but you can't ALWAYS be singing in my head.

    also? your presence in the world makes me happy. now that i wrote that about how early morning sunlight and grass and a typewriter makes me think of you, now i can't be out in the early morning sunlight and not think of you. power of words, damn it. power of kim. you are awesome.

    xx x

  5. That's RIGHT! You tell them! Couldn't agree with you more.

    A.Co @ A.Co est. 1984

  6. I said something similar in my women's studies class after it turned into a giant therapy session. I'm all for equality of the sexes whether it be in a hetero/homosexual relationship but sometimes people really do bring it all upon themselves (and others don't). But it begs the question: why stay? I have a lot to say on the subject but I don't want to usurp the entire comment section...

  7. that's my girl alecto, you tell 'em!

    i love men/women all the same, as you know i feel that love is without gender. but i don't believe you should ever put up with any bullshit, and especially ANYONE telling you how you should look or behave. if i am in a relationship and anyone says anything to me about changing my hairstyle, outfit, lipstick--whatever, i get pissed and am literally out the door.

    there is something about being in a relationship with a woman, that is very comforting. it's sexual but at the same time feels like you are with your best friend, and there is this understanding that there isn't with a man. being with a man, for me, and i'm married to one--so i obviously know... is a constant struggle. we are honestly from different planets. and although i love my husband and we have been friends for 22 years, i still can't get it right. we are just different creatures. period. wtf am i rambling on about? i think i totally got off topic. surprise. surprise.

    anyway... i'm all about women standing up for themselves and being self sufficient. holla!


  8. I totally agree with you...

  9. you took the words out of my brain, there are so many girls out there who make me want to tear my hair out. why are girls content to grow up to be housewives? to be nothing but a pair of tits and a pretty face

    you are way awesome, and more girls should be like oyu ;p


  10. This is great! There are good and bad apples everywhere whether one is two or ninety-two, hetero or homo, rich or poor, beautiful or ugly, misunderstood or understood etc. I think it's important to rid yourself of negative people and some people can't because they have been pulled so far into the gutter for a myriad of reasons (and there are people who get paid lots of money to help them get back out, so don't lose any sleep!) Since I'm a sensitive, wanting to save the world and myself kind of girl, I try to remember that when things get too crazy =)

    The bottom line in love is NEVER TO SETTLE for anything less than stellar. Sometimes time and experience are needed to help each of us determine what that bliss is :D

    Happy Weekend! xx

  11. basically i feel it boils down to that you hate almost every one. i can't look people as genders. and separate the rules of engagement for either. and that has put me in odd situations. i hate it when some people ask me why don't i show any consideration either way. thats fucking stupid.
    I believe that people generally are full of shit. and i don't respect anyone. and sometimes i do show concessions for old age. but if that old fart isn't a nice person i don't give a fuck who he is. he ain't getting no slack from me. and that has put me in a lot of trouble from time to time. i hate over macho and over feminine idiots. and stay away from that neurotic moronic majority. fuck em all. if we had to kill all the moronic and stupid life on this planet im sure we would be left with only 16% of the world population on an average.
    i hate this place. but then this miserable place. with crumbling rotten walls and with lizards and worms crawling in my food is home. and i have to love it.

  12. Wenn die Haifische Menschen wären ... achtung, baby >:)

  13. I agree totally. Thankfully at your young age you grasp what many women in their 30's and 40's have yet to figure out. No matter what, you must be comfortable in your own skin. There is a saying, "if you don't feed it, it won't grow" That is applicable to many life situations, including relationships. Good piece.

  14. Dear Readers,

    Thank you for all your insights and comments. As I said; you rock. And you're smart too!

    XOXO, Kim

  15. You speak the truth completely. Girls need to get over the complaining and do something about their issues. I love your insight.

    xo, Sophia


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