Sunday, January 24, 2010

Tabula Rasa

Blogging while drunk is not something you should do. I am perfectly aware of that. I am also, as we speak, as I type, perfectly plastered. Bourbon is a beautiful thing. So is taxi cabs.

I called Monica half an hour ago. When the voice mail picked up I called again. And again. Then I threw my iphone into the neighbor's backyard. They have a Doberman who's Satan incarnated. One day that beast will eat me, I am certain.

And I loved my cellphone nearly as much as I loved Monica's kisses.

I promise all of you that by tomorrow afternoon, monster headache aside, I will be a clean slate; a Tabula Rasa.

Sweet dreams to anyone that may read this!


  1. friends don't let friends blog drunk!

  2. Totally guilty of drunken blogging.

    Never had bourbon. Doesn't it grow hair on your chest?

  3. I think drunken blogging did you good. You really got it out.

  4. As a drunken blogger, you are completely free of spelling and grammar edits. Awesome :)

  5. I've tried that. Many times. erasing everything, but as soon as I'm clean I'm filled to the brim with doubt

  6. If I did that I'd be just like you and wouldn't be able to stop thinking about the fucking fone!
    Also I would come up with sick and sleazy ways of killing/disabling the dog to get the fone BACK ~ hahahAAA!

  7. I wish I could have an attractive therapist. Mine is just too, too, too repulsive.

  8. Your precious iPhone that you treasured? Regretful. I hope you lighten up.


  9. thank you all for kind comments, update on the dog/iphone situation is on the way.
    Amanda, yeah i think I have 1 chest hair now ...

    XXX, Kim

  10. i've only blogged tipsy. stupid breastfeeding. i can't wait till my tits shrivel up like rotting prunes. too much?


You Rock. I am certain of it.