Saturday, January 16, 2010

I don't know, but she seems to like violence

the first thing i noticed when i sat down on that couch – the color of unexplored parts of the grayscale and so firm it hurt my ass – was her legs. Slender but strong. Those legs were not just made for walking, but for kicking, trashing, hurting.

And do you realize how much I hurt now? If I hadn't lost my camera during our Moonlight drive along Mullholland Drive, I would post a picture of the bruise, mapping out only a tiny fraction of my pain. It's slithering its way across my lower ribs and around my back.

I don't know, but she seems to like violence.

Maybe it's payback time?

After our first session she asked me how it felt. And I said, a little like getting a pedicure.
At that I saw her jaw tensing and I saw her brown eyes turn black like those holes at the outskirts of the milky way.

Do you know how long I've been studying? she asked me. And when she re-crossed her legs I caught a glimpse of her panties.

I have never been kissed like I was kissed tonight. It really felt as if she was sucking my soul out. And I liked it.

I am having an affair with my married therapist.


  1. is this fiction or non fiction? it sounds like a movie. dang. but either way, you are a great writer!

  2. It´s so interesting, and I believe you, my best friend slept with his therapist as well. Not for long though, but still.. How did it all start, I´m really curious, I can´t even imagin how it all starts.

    // Jeff B, NYC (soon with a blog with the same name.)

  3. I also couldn't figure out if it was fiction or not! BUT THIS IS BRILLIANT!

  4. Thank you beautiful people for reading and wondering. Right now I wish this was fiction. Because it can only end badly. But no, I am really having this idiotic affair.

    XXX, Kim

  5. Enjoy it while you can love, as with everything that can only turn out badly.



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