Wednesday, January 13, 2010

the heart is overrated

the heart is most certainly not to be trusted.
sure, it seems real and all when it trashes in your ribcage,when it yearns and shoots jolts of pain-infused desire down to your crotch area.
But it’s also the heart that makes you beg in the most unflattering way, the heart that makes you forgive the fist that gave you a bruiser. Because you love him, and lover conquers all.
It’s the heart that makes you smash your brand new iphone. because that text never came.

i think the heart is overrated. trust the brain.

that said, i am falling in love as we speak. And the object my heart has fixated itself upon is highly inappropriate. And I mean HIGHLY.
more on this soon.


  1. add me and be my Mistress

  2. ethereal pics, quite lovely

    in my case, i trust my heart slightly more than my brain, too many strange dreams addling my brain...

  3. careful, it's always the inappropriate ones that damage your heart the most in my experience.
    Thanks for the comment over on my page and hey, I'm not really scary in real life, I'm just a 'lil' dark, you know.
    Have Fun

  4. Always the most interesting things transpire when you follow the inappropriate meanderings of the heart...keep us posted...

  5. Falling in love is scuh a wonderful and disorienting experience!



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