Monday, November 2, 2009

i should count beads and wishes

when you are young, you should be able to bounce back like a rubber band. you shouldn't have wrinkles on your cheeks and big garbage bags underneath bloodshot eyes two damn days after a night of debauchery
my body is achy all over. even my toes hurt. i should check into an ashram.

i should count beads and wishes.

I don't want to shit corn. And I don't want to have warts on my pussy.
my bodily urges are leading me down the wrong path.

dad was here earlier. he is the expert at stating the obvious: you look like shit.

halloween was a blast though. met a Norwegian black metal band. They didn't need no damn costumes, but blended in just fine.

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  1. you have a unicorn tattoo?? that officially makes you the coolest person ever, ever

    and p.s i think i love you too ;)



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