Thursday, November 26, 2009

menopause at 20

is it possible? these hormons of mine i want nothing to do with them. they wreck havoc on my psyche. this carbonated being-in-love-feeling turned into a rage so black i was blinded. julia showed off her underwear at this party, and i turned into a jealous brute. i am not like this, I swear. I put my fist through a wall, plaster splinters flying and blood on my knuckles. julia was naturally disgusted.
she said: it's over.

before it even begun.

i wandered the whole night, feeling so lost until this gypsy lady saved me on a bridge with her accordion.

now i am conjuring a plan to get Julia back.


  1. Love suchs! I so know the feeling.



You Rock. I am certain of it.