Wednesday, November 11, 2009

stoned and touchy-feely

there's only one thing that's worse than dad being unkind and insensitive. And that is when he's stoned and touchy-feely. the night before last he pulled my bra-strap so it snapped against my back. it echoed like an M-16 in my head. when I turned around he pulled me in for a hug and started talking about a cake I had baked, like three years ago. his one hand was like a windshield wiper on my back. i was terrified that his hand would slide down, as if by accident.

i got my passport. i am buying a ticket to Berlin in the next few days.

was supposed to go to a house party with s, but she stood me up. that hurt, and not at all in proportion.


  1. you're probably right, about needing to eat a bowl of rice and a mound of steamed vegies.
    actually. you are right... but don't worry about me, i am not skinny. so, it's all brill!

    besides, rice makes me unhappy.

    am now orf to explore your bloggie a bit more.

    ta rahh


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