Friday, November 13, 2009

therapy, travel and tramadol

i went to the cemetery today. it's certainly not pere lachaise. not even minus the pathetic jim m-fans. but still, it's one of my favorite spots in this smog barrel of a town.

i left a sunflower bouquet on my mother's grave. then i sat down, cross-legged in the grass, and tried really hard to feel her spirit. i felt nothing but an unexplored part of the grayscale descending on me.

I've felt really lonely and I have masturbated a lot. So much in fact, that it's starting to bore me. I need triple action: therapy, travel and tramadol.

Off to Berlin on Sunday. Now I'll go cruising down Mullholland Drive.

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  1. i'm going thru the archives apparently.

    tramadol, i don't leave home without it. why i don't know, it doesn't work like vicodin or oxcodone. hmmm....

    masturbation. i don't even know what that is like anymore, or sex for that matter. ugh.



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