Thursday, October 29, 2009

You know you need it: Halloween inspiration

I know I should be thinking about my Halloween costume. But I am not. I don't give a fuck right now. I guess I'll join the ranks of MJs. Last night I was hell-bent on hooking up and I managed to do so. With a guy. This is what shots of tequila will do to you. Cute boy I thought, had he only been a little Indian. He kissed me hard in the parking lot.
And then in the morning, after a night of hovering in those black holes that swallow all materia, well, really only an hour ago, as I nearly choked on his morning breath, while being poked by his morning hard-on, he told me; Uh, maybe we should use a condom, I've had genital warts.
No, maybe you should get the fuck out!
Am I going to get warts down there now?
I am never drinking again. And this time I mean it. Not until Halloween. Promise.

Until then, I leave you with the best Halloween costume ever, except these were some rad bitches I ran into on Mardi Gras day in N'awlins: Ghetto Marie Antoinettes


  1. I don't think I need a costume.

  2. I remember that photo...those where great days : )


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