Thursday, October 8, 2009

I did the lonely-girl-at-the-bar-thing

i could stay here, i love how quiet it is. but i have to go home. tomorrow i will drive to Tucson to visit JT. She's a total basketcase. Her closet is filled with skulls and bones and her relationship to her dead mother's horses is the only thing in her life that's sexual. She's not my type but maybe I'll get her drunk and do her, just as a favor.
I did the lonely-girl-at-the-bar today and some guy in a cowboy hat the size of one of Saturn's rings sat down next to me and bought me a Lone Star and started chatting me up. His teeth looked really sharp and he frightened me. When I said I had to go, he claimed to be more than happy to escort me home. I noticed that both his pinkie finger nails were long. I said I would be alright and left the cute indie rock Mexican bartender boy $20 for two beers.

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  1. Long finger nails on a man is not that hot...


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