Tuesday, October 6, 2009

last time i was in Austin we ate pulled pork sandwiches at Whole Food's roof terrace. but now J doesn't wanna support the bastards. I want to, but I am unable to care about things like that.
instead, we ate at some dirt cheap Mexican place in East Austin. I want soap, perfume and shampoo made out of cilantro.

we went swimming at Barton Springs. the water chocked me into a sharp consciousness. afterwards J gave me acupuncture. I had needles in my ear and down my legs and was floating away on something that felt like a soft orgasm.
j asked me later, when we had tea in her parlor, if I thought of myself as a happy person.
I said: I am not sure anymore.
Not when I drink until I wake up with puke in my hair. Because that means I could just as well not have woken up at all.
but here in Austin, i haven't really been drinking. Just a couple of margaritas yesterday and today. And that makes people seem strange. When I am the stranger.
Anyway, j is asleep already. i wonder why she's my friend?
u have a long trip ahead of me tomorrow. LA-bound.

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