Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Psychotic note

This (ex) friend of mine sent me this psychotic note/holiday greeting. Girlfriend needs help, don't you think?


Happy New Year! I have attached some pictured on my house, my pet-rabbit Holly and a Christmas band that we enjoyed on Christmas Eve and were brought by my sister-in-law Patricia.

I have been celebrating Christmas with my family. First I went to my parent’s house on the 23. On the 24th we started the day with breakfast together with my brother Mark's family (wife Susanne and the 2 kids Emilia 12 years and Ida 7 years). This has become a lovely tradition and we also share Christmas gifts. After they left we went out for a walk. The weather was perfect with loads of snow and sunshine. It was long since we had such lovely Christmas weather. In the afternoon my brother Robert and Aunt Elise came by and we ate dinner together. Robert's partner Patricia came later and we played some card games and ate a light dinner together. On the 25th the weather had changed and as we expected a lot of snow I took off fairly early and had dinner together with John. On the 27th my family came over and we had lovely time together. It is great fun to be able to house them all at the same time and also have some space for the children to play on. Also, I live only 40 min drive from Cleveland where they all are living.

All the best from me!


You Rock. I am certain of it.