Thursday, December 10, 2009

perspective; out of the hole

First, fucking the pain away really does work. Try it! (there's nothing like a hot and horny girl between your thighs. She doesn't have to be the love of your life, just into the moment.

Second, it's definitely necessary to put things into perspective. I did this by seeing an old friend yesterday. One that I hadn't seen in ages and only kept in touch with via FB. She looked good in her pictures. But she's also very skilled in photoshop.
The first thing she told me when I came to her door was: I am not pretty anymore.
I couldn't say anything. This former blond beauty was now 50 lbs heavier than last time I saw her. Her fingers were yellow from smoking crack. Her hair looked like steel wool and her teeth had started to rot in her mouth. She fell into a K-hole and by the looks of it, it's gonna be a long time before she crawls out.

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  1. sex doesn't solve everything though.. some things are just too painful.


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