Tuesday, December 15, 2009

... and then the pills wore off

and when she woke up we did it again. and again. her lips like a plush sofa i wanted to make myself comfortable in. our limbs so tangled up i couldn't feel where i ended and she begun.

and then the pills wore off and the last of the booze left our bodies. it got a bit weird. she said: I am not usually like this.
what are you usually like, I asked her.
She said that she has a boyfriend.

and as always; it's the bisexual bitches that are the worst. the ones just experimenting, not til-death-do-us-part-committed to the puss.

she said she would call. and i really felt like a girl. a dumb girl (worth nothing but despise and fat free rice-crackers) hanging on to a flea-sized hope.

I took Tommy, my neighbor's miniature pinscher out for a walk. We caught the sun setting into the ocean.

I do like looking into the eyes of a dog taking a shit.


  1. you really can tell a story girl!

  2. And I really want to be that sofa..

    // Lilly

  3. i can't make eye contact with my dog when she's taking a shit. she won't let me.



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