Monday, September 28, 2009

oh, i found this in my temporary bed yesterday morning

and i wish, wish fucking wish i could have been more excited about it. he was truly gorgeous, but alas, he was (a) he. chemically on another planet, but smooth pale skin stretching over bones so perfectly put together one almost had to start believing in god. he offered me some of his stuff. i don't think he knew what to make of me, but i don't think he cared.
we were at Santo's dancing our asses off. just me and him. don't really remember, but i think it was on the L-train from brooklyn we first started talking. he was giving some change to a gutterpunk on bedford ave and i told him what a waste.
i mean, gutterpunks can do their thing, i don't care. but i would never ever give them money. and I am not down with the dirty thing. in fact, there's hardly anything (except her) that I love more than soap, shampoo and bubble baths.

was on the guest list at Santo's. Darcy tended bar and she always hooks me up.

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