Monday, September 28, 2009

almost looks like

her. I am not sure that she wouldn't be totally pissed if I wrote her name out. But this is kind of what she looks like. Except hotter. Way hotter. I love the way her collarbones jut out and the way her shoulders are like wings. She's always ready for take-off.
Ever since she found out what was in my pants, she keeps giving me the silent treatment. But I am NOT giving up. The kiss, the caress. The soft-cornered make-out session in the way too brightly lit MaxFish on Ludlow St. We'd been drinking J├Ągermeister of all things.
I'm gonna chase her coast to coast.
I don't care if she thinks I am not a real woman. At least I am not some bisexual bitch that's gonna rip her a new asshole in her fucking heart.

I am off now. Into rolling hills and out onto wide-open roads that will take me

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  1. okay, i know you've read "written on the body", right? it's definitely in my top 5 books.

    the way she/he talks about her lovers body. ahhhh......


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